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Bevel’s Angle – Post 4

What do you mean “No internet”?!

Hey everyone, I am so sorry I wasn’t able to keep you up-to-date this past weekend on my Instagram; we still don’t have internet at the lake house! Can you believe that! However, once the shock of learning that I would be spending the weekend in the dark ages wore off, I really started to embrace the tranquility of it all and that proud feeling you get from working with your paws.

I mean, just a couple weeks ago I was getting my nails done and suntanning; you know, really embracing the puppy lifestyle, but after this weekend of roughing it, I have returned a DOG!

I cleared debris away from the home for fire safety and performed trail maintenance. I checked the perimeter and confirmed no breaches had occurred while we were away. I did notice that the squirrels have been doing some aerial reconnaissance because I found all their half eaten pine cones scattered about my trails. I’m still working out a counterattack so stay tuned for how this goes down.

Now, keep this between you and me, but while I was clearing the trails, I found an old Twinky. Rumor has it that they never go bad (thank you Zombieland) and I was pretty hungry from all my duties… so I ate it.

I felt good about my choice of eating random food, but not long after, I could swear the fishes were talking to me!

I spent a good 3 hours staring at the water and listening to the fishes tell me stories. One even mentioned that the jet ski that kept coming by was giving him a headache, so I made the jet skier go away.

Eventually, they ran out of stories or just stopped talking to me. Either way, that’s when I realized how tired I was and how cozy a wood dock feels. I put on my sun hat and quickly fell asleep.

You know, I was worried about not having internet, but as it turns out… I’m a nature girl!

See you next week with more fun adventures.

Bark regards,



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