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Wonderful Experience

“Working with the Lifestyle team was a wonderful experience from the day we singed our contract to the day we moved unto our new home. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with out new home! It’s a quality poroduct.”

– Walter and Melanie

Superior Service and Workmanship

“Superior Service and workmanship, with beautiful layouts and outstanding customer service.  As far as my likelihood of recommending Lifestyle Builders, I would rate that a 20 if I could.”

– Derek and Sara

Nothing short of extraordinary

“As a licensed General Contractor myself I know what an exceptional Builder looks like and Lifestyle Home Builders has been nothing short of extraordinary. They take professionalism to a higher level at every stage of the process starting with sales, then Design, followed by Construction, and then at the Final Walk. Lifestyle is not a perfect contractor (none are) but they are a contractor of character. It’s not that a contractor does everything right but it is what they do to make it right. That is the essence of what I have experienced working with Lifestyle Home Builders. Lifestyle understands the importance of their role in coaching their Buyers through the construction process and ultimately developing happy customers.”

– William and Debby

Great experience in all aspects

“Lifestyle Home Builders created a great experience for my family in all aspects of building a home.”

– Michael and Jennifer

The Experience was fabulous

“We love our home and they go over and above. The experience was fabulous. We have had a few houses built and this was the best experience by far.”

– Lewis and Jane

They Took An Interest In Our Family

“When we learned we were relocating to Chesterfield, we talked with four builders and looked at several re-sales in the area. Over the course of two weeks, we kept coming back to visit the Lifestyle model home – not just because we liked the model so much, but because we felt an instant connection with Anthony and Chuck the first time we met; even our buying agent agreed – they didn’t just take an interest in our need to purchase a house, they took an interest in our family. [We] appreciated their sincere and open approach to discussing their building process. Their quality, custom construction played a big factor in our decision making process, but it was the relationship and trust we built with Anthony and Chuck that convinced us we had found the right company to build our next home.”

– Steve and Tracy

The Most Pleasant And Easiest Residential Purchase We Have Ever Made

“My husband and I love our new home. I extend my compliments to everyone at Lifestyle Home Builders and Developers both for the quality of the home’s workmanship and the entire purchasing process. Unquestionably, the purchase of our home was the most pleasant and easiest residential purchase we have ever made. Thanks again to all at Lifestyle Home Builders for building us a home we love and enjoy for years to come. We have told everyone who has asked how pleased we are with our new Lifestyle home and will continue without hesitation to praise and recommend your company.”

– Doug and Nichole 

We Felt Very Comfortable

“Everyone we worked with at Lifestyle was wonderful. We felt very comfortable with the building process and any concerns we had were addressed quickly. Our house is without a question better constructed than houses built by other companies in the same neighborhood. We had minimal fixes on our 60 day list, and we truly feel that we are a part of the “family” so to speak.”

– Jac and Erin

Wow, Where Do I Start

“Wow, where do I start…Lifestyle Home Builders. I remember back in May 2015 when we started our journey with Lifestyle my husband and I got in the car, looked at each and at the same time said WOW these people are magnificent, and it have been that way and better all the way thru. We love Lifestyle and everything they represent and are so in love with our beautiful home! Really wish this rating went up to 10 they truly deserve it and we have all of our friends about them!!”

– Eric and Dail

Highly Recommend Them To Anyone

“From the beginning to the end, this company made the process of buying our first home easy and pleasant. The team of people that worked with my husband and I were always available to answer questions and be of assistance. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to buy a newly constructed home.”

– Ray and Melissa 

The Only Builder Worthy Enough To Build Your Home

“My husband and I spend years trying to find the perfect house to buy for our growing family. With the existing house out there, we couldn’t find the one that had everything  we were looking for. As Generation X’ers, we needed a downstairs guest suite for our aging parents. We finally decided that the only way we were going to get what we needed was to build…but with whom? We spoke with countless builders in our area. But  none of them were willing to customize a house in order for it to be the home we needed. That is until we found Lifestyle Home Builders. At first, we were worried about talking to a custom builder because we thought customizing a home was going to be way to expensive. Bu Lifestyle doesn’t nickel and dime you like many the other custom builders. They were so upfront about their pricing, which was comparable to the others. But their quality of work leaves those builders in the dust and you get the home you want the way you want it. Isn’t that the whole point of building anyways? We spoke to at least six different builders. Each time, we went  in and they told us we couldn’t have what we wanted. Sometimes, the builders were hazy about details. At other times, the designs were too dense. Lifestyle, on the other hand, has some of those aspects (like a deck) included. Luckily, some friends with kids who were in the same daycare recommended LifeStyle. They told us to look at them and so we went to see a model home and instantly, we knew this had everything that we needed. Michelle Altman was our Lifestyle agent and she truly listened to our vision. She found a floor plan that had everything we wanted and even found a lot in a neighborhood we wanted. Unfortunately, the people on the lot next to it were building the same house. We knew the HOA wouldn’t allow two identical houses next to each other. Chuck Carlisle jumped in to help us and customized an elevation that stands out. Had it not been for Michelle and Chuck’s hard work, we might still be looking. We wanted an open floor plan, one with office space and a loft area that we can turn into a movie room. We chose the Elliot model and, once we signed the contract and HOA approved the house, the real fun began. It was then that Karen Hicks, our design studio guru, joined us on our journey. She knew we were first-time builders who has always bought existing homes. She was so patient with us and knowledgeable about everything. My husband and I felt safe with her and listened to her recommendations. She was so quick to reply back to emails and phone calls and took her time with us when we had meetings. She was amazing and such a pleasure to work with. I don’t think I would have had as much fun building had it not been for her. Last to join us on our Lifestyle team was our lot supervisor, Shawn Gillespie. Talk about someone that knows every aspects of building a house! I must tell you, other neighbors who were building in my subdivision were jealous of the type of customer service we were getting. Shawn was on site watching and managing our build every day. Other sites would go weeks without their lot supervisors so much as do a drive-by but not Shawn. If I had a question about something I saw, I would either call or email Shawn. Within minutes, he would call me back and ask if I wanted to meet him at the lot. He’d answer my simple questions after he went to personally check what I was referring to. He made this process seamless and enjoyable. Within a week of moving into our home, there was a knock on our front door. We thought it might be a neighbor stopping by to introduce themselves to us, but it wasn’t. Instead, it was Kevin McNulty, the owner of Lifestyle Home Builders. My goodness, what owner takes time out of their schedule to check in on their clients? The contract had been signed, the check for the house had been cashed, we had the keys to the house. You would think we’d be tossed to the curb since it was officially a done deal. Nope, not to Kevin. We were still a customer of his and he wanted to personally stop by and check in on us and see what we thought. I always felt like just customer at those other places. With Lifestyle, I felt like a member of the team. In essence, they built our dream home. They are so many builders to choose from but in our minds, only one builder is worthy nougat to build you a home.”

– Dave and Amrah 

I Can’t Speak Highly Enough About Our Experience

“Our experience with Lifestyle has been exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a home. When we told friends and family we wanted to build a house many shared the challenging experience they encountered. They has not been the case for us at all. It has been a wonderful experience! Obviously the people at Lifestyle deserve the credit. Not only for how they treated us, but also for the process they’ve established. One of the issues we’d heard from others in the “surprises” that come  up that cause the price to jump thousands of dollars. That wasn’t the case with Lifestyle. They told us about their process up front and followed it. We picked all of the levels from the design studio before we were required to sign the contract. We knew our all in price from the very beginning. That gave us tremendous peace of mind. With the exception of some last minute things that we added, our all in number is the same as we agreed on at the very beginning. To put some numbers to that statement, our final price is with 0.5% (point five percent) of the price we agreed on at the very beginning. We were responsible for that difference. Our kids are 11 and 13 years off and it was very important to us that they be an integral part of the process. They only remember the house we’d been in for 9 years so this was an emotional transition. Recognizing that importance, Lifestyle went above and beyond making the kids feel part of the process. The way the designer worked with our daughter on her bathroom was amazing. Then to see the expression on our daughter’s face the she saw the completed bathroom for the first time was priceless. A special memory! The kids constantly wanted to go see the new house and how it was progressing. In additional to how welcome they made our entire family feel they also did an excellent job keep us updated. Throughout the process we continuously got updates on where things were sat and what to expect next. Every week we got an email from the superintendent letting us know what they had finished an what they would be working on next. That consistent communication made us feel aware and part of the process throughout. I can’t speak highly enough about our experience and how much I appreciate the efforts Lifestyle made to make it so positive.”

– Stephanie 

Made Sure We Were Informed And Understood The Process Every Step Of The Way

“LifeStyle provided us with the perfect home!! They were great to work with and very trustworthy. As first time home buyers, LifeStyle made sure we were informed and understood the process every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend LifeStyle Builders to anyone looking to buy or build their dream home!”

– Matthew and Kaitlyn 

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