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Accessibility in a home probably isn’t something you think about until you need it. If you’re looking for new homes in Richmond VA and know that accessibility is important, there are things to look for and there are things you can do to a home to make it more accessible for all, be it children, elderly adults, or those with physical disabilities. Best of all, they still look stylish and on trend and can easily suit everyone in the family.

Open-plan living areas and primary suites on the main floor go a long way in making a home more accessible. We offer multiple plans at our new Wynterbrooke community with the primary suite on the main floor, as well as additional bedrooms on the main floor, and an easy-to-navigate open-floor plan.

With kitchens, you may want to put more focus on the lower cabinets and countertop accessibility. For example, some people are putting the microwave under the kitchen countertop, making it easily accessible for children as they start to help out in the kitchen, as well as those unable to reach higher shelves.

Open shelving on the upper level of your kitchen does take more maintenance, but can hold less frequently used items and can make some items more reachable than if they’re behind cabinet doors.

As for a kitchen island, instead of having a higher overhang where people sit on stools, consider lowering the overhang to a normal seating level. This is great for children and those with mobility issues.

For bathrooms, curbless showers not only make them more accessible for those in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues but they also look luxurious and spa-like. The seamless entry avoids risky steps or edges while also making cleaning much easier and opening up the space in the bathroom.

Another element to keep bathrooms more accessible is the use of under-counter cabinets and drawers. Having a wider bathroom countertop allows for wider drawers or cupboards that make more items easy to reach. Wide drawers with dividing inserts can help keep everything neat and in order.

Finally, whether it’s the entry foyer or mudroom, consider adding in seating to make it easier to put on and remove shoes and coats, or simply rest until everyone is ready to go.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your home accessible to family members in need, while still creating a stylish and attractive home. A thoughtful furniture layout, and the addition of some features can make a big difference in how comfortable new homes in Richmond VA can be for those with mobility issues. Contact us today to learn more about all of our home designs and what will work best for you.

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