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Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Kitchen Tile

Kitchens are a great place to make the most of tiles in your homes in Midlothian VA. You can easily mix the sizes, shapes, colors, and materials and still have an inviting and functional space. There’s no one perfect option because there are so many options and so many personal tastes, but these tips will help you choose tiles that will be perfect for your own kitchen.

First, you need to consider where you want to place tiles in your kitchen. They can be used just about anywhere; it’s just a matter of size and type of tile. Do you want tile just behind the stove or do you want it to run continuously along the wall over your countertops? Do you want a tile floor? Do you want tile countertops? Do you want a combination? The choice is yours.

You should also consider the types of tile available, as tiles are simply a resilient material that can be placed in rows and patterns. Glass tile, which is what most people first think of, is typically for backsplashes and walls and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  If you’re interested in tiles for your floors, bamboo, vinyl, and cork are often chosen. There are some tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and quarry that can be used for floors and countertops.

When choosing tile for various locations in your kitchen, it’s important to make sure you’re purchasing tile meant for that use. For example, for floor tiles, you need tiling specifically made for use on floors, so it can handle the heavy wear and tear and not be too slippery, either. For countertops, think about the use they will have in your particular kitchen, because you want to choose a material that won’t be easily damaged and is easy to maintain. Ceramic is a popular choice, as it can withstand heat from pans, but it can crack or chip. You may want to choose another material if your counters also receive a lot of wear and tear. If you don’t spend as much time in the kitchen, though, you may feel confident in choosing tile.

Fortunately, for a backsplash or wall, your choices are more extensive as they just need to be easy to clean and stand up to hot oil splashes from cooking. This is where you can get creative with colors, sizes, and patterns – both in the shape of the tile and in the decoration of the tile itself. Think about the colors you want in your kitchen and what you’ll be happy to live with for years to come, as replacing tile isn’t as easy as repainting a wall. Still, with more neutral choices in the rest of the kitchen, a more colorful and bold backsplash and wall can be something you’ll truly enjoy.

Ultimately, you need to keep your budget in mind when choosing how much tile to use and the type of tile you want. Fortunately, there are a wide range of options for each area you may want to tile. If you’re working with us to build one of the homes in Midlothian VA, our design expert can help you choose the perfect tiles for your dream kitchen.

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