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Brighten Your Home For Spring

If you’re in the planning stages of the interior of one of our homes in Hanover VA, consider giving it a spring update that will look great, no matter when you move into your new home. After all, a bright and cheerful home is welcoming and attractive year round. For anyone who has already moved in and wants to make a few changes with the arrival of spring, these are some simple ways to add new life to your home.

One of the biggest ways to welcome spring into your home is to make your home brighter. Let the sunlight in, choose lighter colors, and help drive away the winter gloom.

Some people choose to make their home brighter with lighter or brighter paint colors. All-white kitchens may be less popular these days, but adding in pops of brighter or primary colors is the perfect way to add some brightness to your kitchen. You could choose yellow cabinets, even if just in one section, paired with light-colored wood cabinets, or go for a colorful backsplash, even if the rest of the kitchen is white. Draw from the color of the backsplash for items like bar stools at the island and some more decorative or storage pieces.

While white kitchens might be on the way out, white living rooms are a great way to take advantage of a room where you usually get a lot of natural light. Choose a pure white for the walls, or even the furniture if you’re bold, and then add in pops of any color you choose, from emerald blue velvet to bold floral prints in bright colors. If you don’t want a white sofa, you can use some white accessories, such as a natural fiber basket filled with white seashells or a collection of white candles of different heights and thicknesses grouped on a silver tray or some other colorful tray to accent the white candles.

If you don’t want white, you can always go with very pale blues or greens, looking for tints that have more of a white, cool aspect. You could use these colors for the walls or you could use them for the furnishings in the white room. Green is challenging, but using a lightweight green throw or pillows for the sofa is an easy way to add it to a living room, or even a bedroom. In a bedroom, consider a green and white floral patterned bedspread or duvet cover.

In fact, floral prints are a popular choice and an easy way to bring nature into your home without having to worry about the right amount of light or having a black thumb. However, if you do enjoy real plants at home, now is the time to add some to a variety of rooms. Big, bold potted floor plants with dark green full leaves are on trend this year in home design anyway, and even smaller potted plants for tabletops, still with lots of big green leaves, are popular. The more the better, in some cases! You can always go for smaller, more delicate plants, but definitely try to add at least one statement plant into your living room.

Finally, depending on how close the neighbors are, consider taking down your curtains and blinds, especially if you have a nice view that lets in lots of light. If you don’t want bare windows, you can always keep the mini blinds or add sheer curtains that will provide some privacy, while still letting in lots of light. You could choose sheer white curtains, obviously, but there are a number of pastel colors, in sheer or super lightweight linen fabrics that are perfect for curtains.

Think about the things that you like about spring and try to incorporate them into your homes in Hanover VA. From spring colors to floral prints and lots of natural light, your homes will be cheerful, sparkling and joyful!

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