Not the house, not the builder, not the neighborhood, not the product.
This is about YOUR life — what you want and need. What living your best life would look like living in your new home.
Then we build the house around your dream.

The LifeStyle Story

LifeStyle Home Builders was founded in 1990 by Lloyd Poe, who came to Richmond, Virginia, to judge a Parade of Homes. Lloyd stayed in the area because of his passion for serving the Richmond community with his talents in building and development.

When first founded, LifeStyle Home Builders focused on designing each home specifically for the needs of individual clients. Over the years, we expanded into the production space to meet the demand of growing volume during the boom years of housing activity in the Richmond region.

Passionate About Floor Plan Design

In 2004, Kevin McNulty joined Lloyd as a Land Acquisition Specialist. While LifeStyle Home Builders was producing beautiful homes, they were becoming increasingly repetitive when it came to designs and floor plans. In response, we became passionate about floor plan design. It is vitally important to us that our homes reflect current trends and delight today’s homebuyer. We believe we have a floor plan that is a fit for every family we meet.

In 2016, after a long and loyal career at LifeStyle Home Builders that took him from land acquisition to Vice President of Operations, and eventually to President, Kevin purchased LifeStyle Home Builders when Lloyd retired. Kevin’s desire is to continue Lloyd’s legacy of running a small, privately held, family-oriented business that builds homes that are focused on the family — not the numbers.

Kevin has been passionate about homebuilding since his first construction job at the age of 16. Driven by his talent for handling all aspects of a new home build, he earned an engineering degree from Virginia Tech and pursued work in the home building industry. However, he never found a career that combined his love for high-quality homes and sincerely putting the client first throughout the building process – until he came to LifeStyle Home Builders.

Making Your House a Home

It is this commitment to excellence that inspires Kevin to continue Lloyd’s legacy: a team that works together to build beautiful homes where people raise families, share good times, and comfort each other through tough times. Partnering with our clients to make their dreams come true, we feel honored to be included in the process to transform a house into a home for our clients.

What’s next for LifeStyle Home Builders? Continued excellence. We’ve assembled a group of caring, experienced home designers and builders who love the work they do, and the results speak for themselves: LifeStyle Home Builders has been voted the 2015 Builder of the Year by the Home Building Association of Richmond (we’ve actually won this award 3 different times…). We look forward to many more years of sharing Lloyd’s founding values and the high-quality homes we build for the community.

We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act and The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988. It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin in the sale, rental, leasing, financing and advertising of housing, or in the provision of real estate brokerage services and the appraisal of housing. Blockbusting is also illegal.

Our Partners


LifeStyle Home Builders partners with three outstanding mortgage companies to easily and conveniently assist you with the financing of your new custom home.

Wells Fargo Home Mortage

9020 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23235

Steve Mills
Home Mortgage Consultant
NMLSR ID: 450274

Direct: (804) 327-5523
Cell: (804) 938-1658
Fax: (866) 735-9047


George Mason Mortgage, LLC

7231 Forest Avenue, Suite 301
Richmond, VA 23226

Dwayne Smith
Vice President/Senior Loan Officer
NMLS ID: 463477

Direct: (804) 521-0939
Cell: (804) 306-7278
Fax: (703) 653-3669


TowneBank Mortgage

15701 City View Drive
Midlothian, VA 23113

Kip Painter
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS ID: 1021601

Direct: (804) 281-4447
Cell: (804) 347-3250
Fax: (844) 695-9367



Power, Public Utilities, Gas and Propane, Telecommunications and Internet


Electric company for Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover and New Kent Counties:
Dominion Virginia Power

Electric company for Powhatan County:
Southside Electric Cooperative
Northern District Office

Public Utilities

Chesterfield County Department of Utilities

Henrico County Department of Utilities

Hanover County Public Utilities

New Kent County Department of Public Utilities


Chesterfield County:
Columbia Gas

Summer Lake subdivision
Suburban Propane

Hanover County:
Virginia Natural Gas

Henrico County:
Richmond Public Utilities

Propane Company:
Revere Gas

In addition to the above, we want to remind you that telephone service has not been installed in your new home. Our electrician has wired the inside of your home according to specifications. Please make the telephone company aware that this is a brand new home.



Closing date, location, documents, and expenses are explained simply and clearly.

The delivery date that your Sales Consultant gives you is always an Approximate Completion Date. We cannot guarantee delivery dates because many factors affect the time it takes to build your new home.

Weather and building permit hold-ups can delay getting the foundation in and can also affect framing, roofing, and exterior finish. Material and labor shortages may affect the construction schedule. Also, if you are delayed in responding to a request by your lender, this can cause a delay. Changes submitted after the original Purchase Agreement has been completed can add days to the schedule.

LifeStyle Home Builders recognizes that planning your move and its timing are very important to you. We make every attempt to meet the targeted delivery date. If there are any changes in this date, you will be notified as soon as possible so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.

Date of Closing – You will be given a firm closing date at your framing walk-through with your Field Manager.

Location of Closing – The closing of your new home typically takes place at an attorney’s office. You should contact your attorney to set a time for closing once your closing date has been confirmed.

Closing Documents – At closing, the documents necessary to convey your new home to you and to close the loan from the mortgage company will be executed and delivered. The principal documents include:

Deed – The deed conveys the home and lot to you, subject only to permitted exceptions.
Title Commitment – At or before closing, your attorney will deliver to you a standard form called the ALTA owner’s title insurance commitment. This form ensures merchantable title of your home to you in the amount of the purchase price and subject to the permitted title exceptions that may be described in the Purchase Agreement. Please review the title commitment carefully and if you have any questions, ask your attorney. Within sixty (60) days after the closing, the title company will deliver to you (by mail) a standard ALTA owner’s title insurance policy, ensuring your title to your home in accordance with the commitment you will already have received. The title insurance policy should be kept with your other valuable papers.
Residential Warranty Company (RWC) Limited Warranty – Click here for a sample copy of the warranty. Please read it thoroughly.
Promissory Note – The Promissory Note is from you, payable to the lender, in the principal amount of the loan, plus interest, taxes and insurance.
Deed of Trust – This encumbers your home as security for repayment of the Promissory Note.
In addition to these standard items, the lender, the title company and LifeStyle Home Builders may require other documents to be signed.

Closing Expenses – Certain customary items in connection with the property will be pro-rated to reflect the respective periods that you and LifeStyle Home Builders own the property (for example: taxes and Homeowner Association dues). You will have received a list of these items in your Good Faith Estimate from your lender.

You will be charged for prepaid expenses, any reserves required by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements and insurance premiums. These will be pro-rated to the date of closing.

Pro-rations of general real property taxes and assessments will be based on the current year’s taxes and assessments, or, if they are not yet available, on the taxes and assessments for the prior year. All adjustments and pro-rations at closing will be final.

“The Final Number” – The final cost figure is usually only available near to the actual closing. Although a reasonably close estimate may be determined prior to the date of closing, several of the items included in the final total are subject to last minute adjustments. This is the result of many factors over which the attorney has little or no control. You have the right to review your closing statement (the “HUD 1” statement), prior to settlement.

You will need to bring a cashier’s check or certified funds to settlement. Your closing attorney will tell you to who the check should be made payable. In your planning, be sure to allow time to arrange for and obtain these funds.

Preparation – In preparing for the closing, you should keep the following items in mind:

Insurance – You will need to obtain and present proof of a homeowner’s policy from your insurance company to your closing attorney. Your insurance agent should know exactly what is needed. We suggest you arrange for this no later than three (3) weeks prior to the expected closing date.
Utilities – You will need to notify all applicable utility companies of your move so that service is provided in your name. We suggest that you contact these companies well ahead of time to avoid any interruption in service. LifeStyle Home Builders will automatically have utility service removed from its name three (3) days after closing.


Timelines and procedures should any warranty issues be required.

LifeStyle Home Builders is proud to offer an extensive Customer Care program which not only provides our Homeowners with the typical 11-Month List, but also an interim visit by a LifeStyle Home Builders’ representative which is done approximately 60-days after settlement.

60-Day List
We know that during the first couple of months, you will want to show your friends and relatives your new LifeStyle home and we want you to be proud of it. We have developed an opportunity for you to submit a list of warranty concerns approximately 60 to 80 days after closing. Waiting 60 days after closing allows you sufficient time to become settled in your new home and thoroughly examine all components. A form for your 60-Day List will be mailed to you and one is available here, as well. Please read the “Product Expectations and Warranty” chapter of your Homeowner’s Manual prior to completing your 60-Day List as some items provide for a “one-time repair” and you may want to wait until your 11-Month List to include such items.

The following items will be corrected if listed on the 60-Day List:

Door adjustments (sticking or inoperable) for interior and exterior doors
Caulking which was missed during installation
Installation of any back-ordered fixtures or parts
PLEASE NOTE: Drywall repairs are a time consuming process. To inconvenience you as little as possible, we ask that you only list these items on one warranty list. They may be listed on either your 60-Day List or your 11-Month List. However, we recommend that you include them on your 11-Month List so that your home can undergo sufficient settlement and complete a full heating/cooling cycle.

The following items will not be corrected if noted on your 60-Day List as they are “appearance” items and should have been listed on the Pre-Settlement Orientation Checklist:

Dings, dents, cracks, scratches, holes, and stains which appear on the following: sinks, tubs, plumbing fixtures, countertops, cabinet doors, light fixtures, mirrors, glass, door trim and drywall.
Window and screens which are broken or scratched.
Tile, carpet, hardwood, and vinyl flooring which is stained, has a surface defect, holes, scratches or indentations.
Doors, trim and hardware with dents, gouges, slices, or scratches.
Drywall with respect to gouges, dents or holes in drywall.
Paint with marks that require touch-ups. All paint touch-ups should have been listed on the Pre-Settlement Orientation Checklist. No painting will occur after move-in except where drywall repairs have been made by LifeStyle Home Builders, and only those areas painted with the standard Shell White paint color applied by LifeStyle Home Builders. After settlement, touch-up of any custom colors for any reason will be the Homeowner’s responsibility. Refer to the “Paint and Stain” section in the “Product Expectations and Warranty” chapter.
Finish on appliances – no dents, scratches, gouges, etc.
* With regard to repairs after settlement, consider the fact that more damage occurs to your walls, trim, countertops, cabinets, tubs, etc. during the actual “moving” process than at any other time. LifeStyle Home Builders cannot be responsible for these items after you take possession.

11-Month List 
During the ninth month of your one-year warranty, you will receive an “11-Month List”. We will also be happy to discuss any maintenance questions you may have at this time. We strongly suggest that you use the “Product Expectations and Warranty” chapter of your Homeowner’s Manual in compiling your list. Please return your 11-Month List no later than the last business day of your tenth month. It is important that we receive your list prior to the “one year” mark as most warranties expire at that point. For your convenience, the form for your 11-Month List will be mailed to you.

There are three ways to initiate action from our Customer Care Team to ensure that we understand your concerns and expedite them to our Customer Care Team or Trade Partners. These procedures help produce documentation that help manage each Customer Care Service experience.

Our THREE ways to better serve you are:

E-MAIL: Simply e-mail your requests to
FAX: Fax your requests to Attn: Customer Care Team @ 804-639-4029
MAIL: Mail your requests to LifeStyle Home Builders, Attn: Customer Care Team, 4561 LifeStyle Lane, Midlothian, VA 23112
What you can do . . .

You can help us to serve you better by including complete contact information on all correspondence (especially on the 60-Day and 11-Month Lists).

Name, address, phone numbers and e-mail where you can be reached during business hours
Your lot number, subdivision (neighborhood name), and street address
A complete description of the problem item
What we do . . .

Upon receipt of your 60-Day and 11-Month Lists, a LifeStyle Home Builders’ Customer Care Representative will contact you to set up an inspection appointment.
All lists are handled in the order that they are received. All questions concerning the status of lists should be directed to our office.
Each list will be reviewed for covered repairs according to the Home Owner’s Guide and in accordance with the Residential Warranty Company (RWC) Limited Warranty.
Appointments with our Customer Care Team are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We realize the inconvenience this may cause, but must insist on these hours due to the types of repairs commonly reported. Most repairs require the assistance of a Trade Partner whose typical hours are that of the business day. No work will be performed on weekends.
When Trade Partners are required to complete repairs, our process is to notify the appropriate Trade Partner and be your point of contact for scheduling. In some cases, you may be contacted directly by the Trade Partner to schedule the needed work.
Access to your house is critical to performing these repairs. Please be prepared to allow adequate access to LifeStyle Home Builders’ personnel and Trade Partners.
Any actions performed to correct warrantable issues will be corrected by replacing with the same materials installed upon building the home. (i.e.: grass seed and straw will be replaced with grass seed and straw, or laminate countertops will be replaced with laminate countertops, etc.

LifeStyle Home Builders
Lloyd Poe, founder

LifeStyle Home Builders
Kevin McNulty, president and owner of LifeStyle Home Builders


Download a brochure outlining your rights as a purchaser of a home in Virginia.