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Closet Organization Tips

Mornings can be a challenge and the last thing you need is your closet making it harder to find something to wear. With thoughtful organization, your closet can make life easier and help reduce your early-morning stress. Best of all, there are a variety of options to fit your needs to make the closets in your new homes in Hanover VA suit every family member.

Multiple levels of hanging racks make the most of unused space. By using a combination of two levels of racks and one single level, you can create space for shirts and skirts on the two levels, and dresses and long pants on the single level. Plus, by arranging your clothing by item, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for, rather than having everything tightly bunched together.

As well as clothing rods, you should have a selection of drawers and shelves to hold folded items, accessories, and shoes. Use drawers for underwear, leggings, socks, ties, and other smaller items. Use drawer dividers to keep everything in place and avoid a mess. You can even store rolled up belts in drawers.

Open shelves are good for bulkier knits like sweaters or T-shirts, but to keep them from becoming slippery piles, store them in baskets to keep them from toppling into each other.

Lower level shelving can be used for shoe storage and can run around the bottom of the closet providing room for more shoes with taller shoes on top and flat shoes beneath the shelf on the floor for maximum use of space. If you have a large enough closet and a large shoe collection, consider dedicating one side wall to shoe shelving. Shoes take up more space than people often appreciate, so be sure you have a clear understanding of how many shoes you have and the styles to make sure you have enough room to keep them neatly organized.

Don’t forget shelving that runs around the top of the closet above hanging rods. This is a great place to store out-of-season clothing in storage boxes. It can also be used for storing handbags, hats, or other bulky items or items used less frequently.

You can use one section of your closet as a mini vanity, with drawers for storing jewelry, sunglasses, etc., and use the top of the cabinet for jewelry boxes or jewelry trees, as well as perfume and cologne collections. Add in a mirror above to help you or use that space to hang hats, scarves, handbags or other similar items. Beneath the drawers, you can add in more shoe storage or shelves for handbags.

The more modular your closet organization system is, the more freedom you have to adjust to your needs. Shelves that can be added or moved up and down allow for changes in accessories and wardrobe through the seasons and years. This will also help you keep your closet more organized throughout the years. Plan on having storage, either in the closet or elsewhere for seasonal changes, as well, so clothing isn’t stuffed in tightly, making it hard to find anything.

With these tips, the closets in your new homes in Hanover VA will be better designed to help you stay organized throughout the year and throughout wardrobe updates. To learn more about our spacious walk-in closets and more, contact us today.

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