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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Egg hunts are a popular part of the Easter celebration; almost as anticipated as all the chocolate! While there are plenty of larger Easter egg hunts at parks and other locations in many towns, there’s nothing like having one for just the kids in the homes in Glen Allen VA. Personal Easter egg hunts let you cater to your own children’s interests and potential allergies. After all, many children are allergic to eggs, limiting the larger public festivities. So here are some different takes on the Easter egg hunt that can be as simple or outlandish as you want!

Piñata eggs, both small and large, are a fun take on the traditional egg hunt. You can order some online or you could even try making your own! If you’re hosting multiple children, make sure there’s at least one small piñata egg for each child and then perhaps finish off the festivities with a larger egg for all to enjoy!

A simpler version is to use balloons, either air or helium, that children can decorate and then you can hide throughout your home and yard. This is a great option for those who enjoy decorating and hunting, but can’t enjoy eggs. Similar to the piñata egg, you could fill one larger balloon with treats, which can then be popped at the end of the hunt.

The hunt is the fun part, but there’s no reason kids have to hunt for eggs specifically. If you want to keep the egg shape, just use plastic eggs that can be filled with treats and toys. Another alternative that uses less plastic is simply to wrap the toys and treats in fun paper and hide them around the home.

Alternatively, you could make up a nice Easter basket for your child and create a treasure hunt of riddles and clues to lead them to the basket. You can find treasure hunt clues for inspiration online or have fun creating your own clues and riddles specifically geared to your child.

Just remember, if you are hiding things around your homes in Glen Allen VA, you might want to keep a list of where you hid everything. Many an actual Easter egg has been missed until a month or more later when a strange smell leads parents on their own hunt! Of course, finding a forgotten piece of hidden chocolate a month later might not be such a bad surprise.

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