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Easy Garage Storage Ideas

When you move into one of the new homes in Ashland VA, it’s easy to let the garage become the hold-all for all of the boxes you haven’t gotten around to unpacking yet, not to mention the items that you use for cleaning, maintenance, holiday decorations, and more, and that’s before the cars! So here are some tips for getting your garage organized with simple storage suggestions.

Make the most of vertical wall space. While you could use a tall bin to store rakes, mops, brooms and similar items, you could also hang them directly on the wall. A couple of 2x4s, some hooks and some pipe straps and you have an easy way to arrange long-handled items like brooms, along with shorter items like dust pans. You can also use the hooks to hold smaller containers for dust cloths, sponges, and a variety of items.

Probably your best bet if you have a lot of tools and loose items to store in your garage is a solid set of cabinets and cupboards. There are plenty specifically designed for garages, with heavy-duty counters, as well as drawers and other built-in dividers and containers that make storing a range of items such as tool sets, boxes of nails, and even hand saws easy. Plus, by having everything behind doors or in drawers, they stay cleaner and make the garage more navigable. The counter also comes in handy for a variety of projects.

Alternatively, rolling storage stand-alone shelves can be a great option. When not in use, they can be pushed close together, and if labeled clearly on the ends, you can easily pull out the one you need. Think of them like bookcases on wheels.

If you have some deep shelving built in or already part of your organization, consider opening up the bottom areas to park items like push mowers, wheelbarrows, and little kids’ toy bikes. Don’t forget to make the most of clear plastic storage bins to keep holiday decorations safe and organized on the shelves, too.

You may be used to magnetic strips being used in kitchens for knives, but they work just as well in your garage for some of those smaller items, like paint-lid openers, pliers, locks, and other metal odds and ends.

No matter what form of storage you use, whether it’s tall cupboards with doors, shelving units, peg board and hooks, or some other variation, try to give yourself a workspace. A simple workbench can be incredibly handy for everything from garden prep to repairing broken toys. If you keep tools that you frequently used within easy reach, you’ll make life even easier.

The key is to make use of all of the available space. Use the ceiling for items you only pull out once or twice a year. Use hooks to hang bikes against the wall if that will free up space and still allow family members to easily use the bikes. In general, make the most of every inch of wall space. Slat walls allow you to use a variety of containers, hooks, and more to give you lots of flexibility. Tall shelving units can be just as useful, depending on your needs. Try to group similar tools together and tools that you’re likely to use at the same time, such as keeping hammers and nails and screwdrivers and screws close to each other or in a contained carrier for easy use throughout the house.

Look at what you need to store and figure out the most convenient way to do so that you can easily access items when needed. Storage bins are great, but if you have too many stacked on top of each other, and you need the one on the bottom, they’re not going to be as convenient. Try to provide shelving and drawers for items so you don’t have too much stacked up and you’ll soon have plenty of room for your cars and maybe even some fun toys in the spacious garages in your homes in Ashland VA.

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