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Hard-to-Kill Flowers for Beginners

Flowers can be like friendships and relationships; it can take time to find the right ones for you. Not every flower is easy to get along with, but there are plenty out there that are easy going and pretty hard not to like. If you’ve moved into one of the homes in Glen Allen VA and want to add some greenery to your yard without worrying about another failed flora relationship, here are some of options to give you a new outlook on flowers.

Begonias are flowers that are there for you no matter what, because they’re tough and almost impossible to kill. Sun or shade, they’ll bloom beautifully with rich, glorious color. As well as being great in garden beds, they’re an excellent choice for containers and hanging baskets, so you can use them to add color on your porch and patio, as well as the garden itself.

Another plant that is great for adding color on patios and porches through hanging baskets, pots, and window boxes are geraniums. While they prefer full sun, some afternoon shade tends to be appreciated in warm regions like Virginia. These are also a great way to add color to your garden beds, and best of all, they tend to grow from spring until the first frost, giving you months of fabulous color.

Cosmos are daisy-like flowers that are super low maintenance. These annuals can be planted or grown from seeds and do surprisingly well, even in poor soil. They like full sun, but some afternoon shade is fine, especially in warm weather, and they even handle drought (or forgetting to water them) once they’re fully growing.

Zinnias are another daisy or dahlia-looking plant that comes in a variety of colors and bloom shapes, though you should avoid the blue ones, as they can be more troublesome. Since they come in a variety of heights, they’re great for creating different visual levels in your garden. Just make sure they’re spaced out properly and get a lot of sun. They need decent air circulation to avoid disease.

Marigolds are a popular choice because they’re easy to grow in sunshine and their beautiful red, orange, and yellow colors bloom all summer long. This is another great plant for creating different heights in your garden, with African or American marigolds growing up to 3 to 5 feet tall, though there are also shorter versions available.

For some real height and sunny charm, sunflowers are a fantastic choice and a good way to get kids involved in gardening, as their seeds are easy to handle and plant. Plus, sunflowers come in a surprising variety of sizes and colors and naturally do well in sunny spots.

Finally, to ensure some lovely blooms signifying the arrival of spring, plant daffodil bulbs in the fall and you’ll wake up one spring morning to these beautiful yellow blooms. Plant them in rows or small groupings around your yard for unexpected pops of color. They do best in sunny and partly sunny spots, both in the ground and in containers.

There are plenty of easy plants for beginners and those just starting to get into gardening. The homes in Glen Allen VA are a great place to explore the joys of gardening and add even more curb appeal to your home. With the right plants, this could be the start of a beautiful garden friendship.

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