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Home Trends Gaining Momentum in 2021

This year, you’re seeing a lot of home trends that meet owners’ needs for both comfort and function. This last year has shown us ways to improve our homes or to look for features in new homes in Chesterfield VA so that we can weather any surprises life may throw at us.

One area where people are really putting a lot of effort in these days is their outdoor patio area. With more people staying home and staying outdoors to socialize, there’s been more of a trend to creating a second family room on the back patio or deck. That means much more comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture, even outdoor rugs, decorative and whimsical lighting, and a fire pit that allows the socializing to go on, even when the weather gets cooler in the evening. For those who aren’t comfortable with a fire pit, there are various styles of patio heaters available that can also do a good job of warding off those evening chills.

Inside, you’ll find that you don’t have to have a butler to have a butler’s pantry or kitchen. Essentially, these become a two-for-one kitchen with a separate space out of sight of the open-plan kitchen and living room. This second kitchen can be as simple as counters and cupboards to a second full kitchen, especially if a family member has certain food allergies. Mainly, though, they provide a place to do the down-and-dirty work, while leaving the main kitchen looking more organized and attractive, especially when entertaining. You can pull the holiday turkey out of the oven in the main kitchen and use the butler’s pantry to carve up the bird and get serving plates ready. You can also use it as a wet bar or use it as a home office in a pinch if you need some privacy, but can’t be too far away from the kitchen or the kids.

While a lot of families and friends — and coworkers — have been using video conferencing to stay in touch this past year, the reality is that it’s also a great way for friends and family to stay in touch when living far apart.  Why not make video conferencing a more permanent part of your life to make staying in touch easier by getting a high-res screen and a sound system that supports video conferencing. With just a little equipment and a room with good lighting, staying in touch becomes much more personal than phone calls or video chats on small screens.

There’s been a lot of gray in homes for the past decade, and while it certainly looks nice, it can get kind of cold and dull after a while, especially day in and day out. That’s why more people are turning to warmer neutrals and embracing bolder accent colors. Warm, creamy colors are popping up more, with layers of shades of a single color, like the various tones on a paint chip strip. Add in plush materials and light-colored woods with a bold accent color for a room that is still clean and minimal, but not quite so harsh and cold. You can do minimalism while still embracing comfort. And if you’re tired of minimalism, branch out with some bold color and pattern combinations. Design a room that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, rather than worrying about what anyone else thinks. You’re the one spending the most time in it.

Finally, whether you’ve gotten into gardening, need a small space for some exercise equipment, need extra storage, or just want a place to get away for some sanity, prefab sheds are the latest yard addition. You can find ready-made shades with a variety of design options, including windows, lights, and more, meaning you could essentially turn it into a comfortable getaway for when you can’t really getaway for long.

Ultimately, people are looking for new homes in Chesterfield VA that probably have a few more walls in addition to the usual open-play layouts, along with spaces where they feel warm, cozy, comfortable, but also able to get things done. Homes need to offer flexibility and be adaptable. Things are starting to change again and sometime in the future, that dedicated home office may no longer be a must-have. LifeStyle Home Builders makes sure your homes can adapt to your changing lifestyle, while still giving you all of the necessities. How you choose to use and decorate these flexible spaces is up to you, and having that freedom is a fantastic feeling. So call us today to learn about the variety of home designs we offer to suit today’s trends and those of the future.

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