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We’ve all heard “reduce, reuse, recycle” and that’s generally good advice. However, there are some situations where buying new has the potential to be better for the environment. One of those instances is buying one of the new-construction homes in Powhatan VA. As well as being environmentally positive, it’s also a positive for your bank balance, making it a win-win situation.

New homes are being built to a higher quality thanks to official guidelines, but also the demand from home buyers. New homes have better insulation, better windows, and are built to have fewer leaks, resulting in a home that has fewer temperature fluctuations. This means you use less energy and spend less in the process. An older home is more likely to have drafts that result in higher heating and cooling bills.

Similarly, new homes are often built with energy-saving appliances, from kitchen appliances to your HVAC system and water heater, to name just a few. These new appliances and systems are designed — and often certified — to be more efficient. In addition, because of the newness of everything, you’ll have less maintenance and fewer repairs for the first years of ownership. This helps you save considerable money. New homes also typically come with a warranty, further extending the life of your home and appliances and reducing your financial risk.

More new homes are being built with at least some smarthome technology, which further benefits you and the environment. Because your home is built to a higher quality, you can make the most of programmable thermostats, for example, and schedule them to work more efficiently, saving power when you’re not at home, but scheduling it to come on shortly before you expect to arrive home, letting you come home to a comfortable environment. Some systems even track energy use so that if a problem does arise, you can be alerted to it sooner, reducing the damage.

In general, new-construction homeowners face reduced maintenance and repair, see an increase in their property value, and have the added benefit of a healthier indoor environment. Older homes may have mold and mildew issues that you may not find at first, and updating them to newer, energy efficient standards can be costly and difficult. As a result, it’s easy to understand why purchasing one of the new homes in Powhatan VA is a smart choice for the environment and for your wallet. Please contact us today to learn more about just how comfortable and smart our homes can be and why they’re the right choice for you.

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