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Things People With Clean Kitchens Do Every Day

You’ve moved into one of the new homes in Moseley VA — preferably one from LifeStyle Home Builders who provide spacious kitchens — and now you want to make an effort to keep that kitchen clean. Marie Kondo’s KonMari method isn’t just about getting rid of clutter; it’s also about keeping things clean once you’ve finally freed up some space. These following tips may take a little bit of effort at first, but they’ll soon turn into a part of your daily habits and will keep your kitchen looking spotless.

One of the great things about the large kitchens and islands found in LifeStyle Home Builder homes is the increased amount of storage space you have. This fits into the first recommendation that you don’t keep anything on your counters when not in use. Yes, that even includes the coffee maker. The point is that by storing all items away, they don’t gather grime as easily and they make it easier to keep your counters clean, because there’s nothing to get in the way.

Similarly, you should take a hint from professional chefs and pull out only the items you’ll need, and put them away as you use them, cleaning as you go. A clean work space is a healthy and more efficient work space. Since you’re not storing anything out in the open, including spices, they are more likely to last longer and not develop that patina of oil that is found on items kept near the stove.

In addition, you should wipe down your stove, sink, and counter every time you use them so that messes don’t become more stubborn and hard to clean. That goes for any sticky or powdery mess on jars and bottles. Clean everything before it is put away so that you don’t end up with stains or pests.

While most homes typically have a dishwasher, if there are any items you wash by hand, wash them immediately, and just as importantly, dry them immediately. This way the water doesn’t build up, even under drying racks, and everything can be put away in its proper place right away.

Finally, when it comes to garbage and recycling, consider using the space under your sink to keep these containers. It looks better to have these items hidden away, and it also helps reduce odors in your kitchen. There are plenty of under-sink garbage can styles available, including those that open as you open the cabinet, making it easy to toss items.

By ensuring everything has its own dedicated storage place in your kitchen, you know where to find items, they’re less like to get dirty, and cleanup becomes faster and easier when you’re not cleaning around items. How much of this cleaning process you incorporate into any of the new homes in Moseley VA is up to you, but keeping these tips in mind and using at least some of them will keep your kitchen looking and smelling clean and organized.

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