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Tips on Finding a Long-lasting Quality Sofa

As you prepare to move into one of the new homes in Glen Allen VA, you may be thinking about updating some of your furniture. One of the big pieces that people often change is their sofa. Perhaps the old one has been clawed one too many times by the cats, or has sunk where each individual sits, or maybe it’s just not the right style and color for your new home. Whatever the reason, it’s still best to spend a little more to get a quality sofa that will last for a while. After all, it’s one of the bigger furniture investments and it plays an important role — both in comfort and style — in your living room, so it’s worth putting some serious thought into it.

First and foremost, your new sofa should feel sturdy. After all, how many times do you or your family members plop down heavily on it after a long, tiring day? You need something that can stand up to your exhaustion. Sit down and wiggle around a little on it and pick up a corner and see how it feels. Avoid anything that feels too light or wobbly; it probably won’t last long.

Don’t forget to give the cushions a good inspection. Avoid down cushions, because they settle and shift and never remain comfortable for long and they definitely sink. Realistically, most sofas come with a firm polyurethane core pillow. Try to avoid a sofa with only the polyurethane pillow, because it’s not as firm, comfortable, or long lasting. Ideally, you want one that is wrapped in an extra layer of Dacron batting. While you’re at it, look at the arms of the sofa. If you and your family are the type who like to lie down on the sofa, you want arms that will support you and that have good cushioning or can at least comfortably support some pillows.

The other issue to consider with cushions is the number of cushions on the seat, in particular. No one wants to sit where the cushions join, so you generally need a cushion per person or go for a solid bench-like cushion. Three cushions is often a good number for a standard sofa, because it allows for multiple people to sit and even allows for any pets that might encroach. Also consider if you want multiple cushions that make up the back of the sofa or just want a solid but comfortable back.

You also need to think about the size of the sofa and any other furniture you’re going to have in the room. If you want side tables and coffee tables, you need to make sure the sofa isn’t too wide or that built-in extensions like a chaise longue won’t get in the way of the coffee table. If you can, go into the room and use painter’s tape or masking tape, mark out on the floor the size of the sofa you’re considering and make sure it’s not too big or small. You may find that you want a larger sofa than originally planned or you could consider adding in a love seat for additional seating.

Similarly, think about the height of the sofa. Tall family members will want sofas that aren’t too low so they can get up easily. That also goes for depth. It’s important to try different heights and depths to make sure the sofa is as comfortable as possible for everyone in your family.

Size, strength and sturdiness aren’t the only issues to focus on, though. Style is just as important, because you want something that you will be happy with for years to come, especially since you’re choosing a sturdy sofa that isn’t going to break apart on you. Think carefully about color, style, shape and your overall design plan. If you’re leaning more contemporary, cleaner lines and solid colors are better bets, while more traditional design decor will probably look better with rounded arms and even a round back. This is also where you may want to consider a pattern, though a solid-color sofa is always a sound choice, because it lets you play with other colors and patterns in the room without being held hostage by a particular pattern.

In fact, when it comes to colors, it’s often best to choose a neutral color. Whether you go light or dark depends on how confident you feel about the likelihood of stains and spills appearing. A darker neutral will generally hide more daily wear and tear for longer. Plus, with a neutral sofa, you can use paint and other decorations to bring life to the room — all things that are usually cheaper to change more frequently.

You also need to consider the type of material. Heavy and tightly woven fabrics tend to last for a long time, as do synthetic fabrics, which tend to be cleanable and quite durable. Leather is also a great long-lasting option, though if you have pets, especially dogs, you may want to protect the leather from their nails or keep their nails trimmed.

If you want some ideas on sofa styles and arrangements, you can always check out our model homes for some on-site inspiration. We also have Pinterest boards and Instagram for more inspiration to help you get ideas for what goes well in our homes in Glen Allen VA. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to see our model homes and to discuss the options of creating your own dream home in one of our communities. We’re ready to help you find the ideal home for that perfect sofa.

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