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Understanding Your Construction Timeline

The idea of owning one of the new homes in Chesterfield VA is a tempting one. After all, new homes have warranties and are built to updated codes and trends that tend to mean your new home will be more efficient and comfortable. Plus, if you go with a custom home, you can really get your ideal home. However, it’s important to be realistic about the time it takes to build a home, from pre-planning and permits to the final walkthrough. It’s not as fast as some people think, though it’s not as long as others may think. That’s why it’s important to fully understand the construction timeline before embarking on this process.

There are five main issues that have an impact on construction time: pre-construction and permits, environment, workers and supplies, changes, and construction style. However, where you live does often play a role, though with today’s climate and issues, from Covid to hurricanes to cost increases, what was true in 2018, when information was compiled from the US Census, may not be true now. Still, the south generally had the fastest time from permit to completion, with an average of 7.1 months. On the other hand 10.2 months was the longest average period in the northeast. But remember these are averages. It does work in your favor to work with a professional builder, rather than do it yourself, though.

There’s also the likelihood that the building process will take longer if you build on your own lot. This requires clearing of the lot and preparing it for building, including leveling the ground. Unexpected issues can cause delays. There are also necessary permits and approvals needed before work can begin. If you choose to build on a lot in a community, that work is typically already done and can help lessen the time as the lot is more likely to be ready for building, though it depends on the lot and the community.

The weather also plays a role. Rain and freezing temperatures can stop work, depending on where the builder is at that point. Thus, expecting to build a custom home during the winter and move in by spring isn’t typically realistic. Even in the Mid-Atlantic region, the weather can be unpredictable enough to cause plenty of delays.

Summer is the busiest time to build, with fewer environmental issues, but that just means there’s more of a chance of shortage of workers and supplies. Everyone is in demand, especially when it comes to plumbers, electricians and other specialists. Supplies may also be low and prices have increased considerably over the past year or two. This can have an impact on your home’s overall cost, though it should be factored in during the initial planning stage.

As for the planning stage, this is where you really need to nail down how much you can afford and exactly what you want. If you change your mind and want something done differently, that will also slow down the process and lead to an increase in costs. It’s important to be ready to go and be confident in the choices you’ve made when it comes time to start the whole process. Don’t expect to move into a home within just a few months if you haven’t even decided for sure that you want to build a brand new home.

On average, it takes about 20 weeks, from groundbreaking/site excavation to the final closing. Even then, weather, supply issues and other factors could cause delays.

None of this is said to discourage you from choosing to build one of the new homes in Chesterfield VA; it’s simply meant to give you a much clearer idea of just how long it takes to build a home, especially when you add in customizations. Having a clear idea of what you want, but also being open minded should issues arise, and having clear communication with your builder will go a long way to at least helping you get through the process more smoothly even if not more quickly. But think of the wonderful home built to your lifestyle that you’ll have at the end of the process with no changes to be made because everything was done the way you wanted it from the start. That’s definitely worth the wait.

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