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Using Color Swatches to Pick Paint Colors

Finding that perfect paint color can be a challenge. Even when you think you’ve found the perfect color on a paint swatch, what it looks like on the walls of your new homes in Glen Allen VA may be a disappointment. First rule of picking colors is to take the swatches out of the store and into your home! We have a few more tips to help you make the most of color swatches to find just the colors you want.

In the paint store, you can potentially narrow down the general colors you’re interested in, but choose multiple swatches within the color to account for how they may look different at home compared to the bright fluorescent lights of the store. You may even want to take multiple cards of the same colors to be able to hang them on different walls, because colors can change depending on the light hitting them.

Whether you put them up on multiple walls or just move the color swatch from wall to wall, be sure you look at the color on all walls at different times of day and even under lights in the evening. Ideally, look at it on sunny days and overcast days, as well, to get a true feel for the colors. Some may end up too strong or too dull depending on the light.

If you don’t have a specific color in mind, look to curtains, throw pillows or other accessories you may be planning for the room and find colors within the same family or complementary colors. Keep an open mind as you may find an unexpected color that works well in the space.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you may want to get samples of the paints and do larger swatches to get a better feel for the colors, especially if you’re trying to decide between a variety of different colors. You can usually get sample pots of paint for a few dollars. Once again, when you’ve put them up, live with them for a while and explore how the colors look in different light. You can always put items of furniture or decorations against the swatch to see how they look.

The more you experience the colors in the actual setting, the better chance you have of finding just the right color. Once you’re done, your new homes in Glen Allen VA will be a pleasure to spend time in with the right colors for every mood and space. When working with LifeStyle Home Builders, our design experts can help you with paint choices. Contact us today to learn more about our homes and design experts.

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