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Ways to Perk Up Your Dining Room

If you’re getting ready to move into one of our new homes in Glen Allen VA, now is a great time to think more about what you want to do with your dining room. Traditional is fine, but even traditional can be perked up to make it more attractive to family and friends as they dine. Plus, if you’re not averse to doing something different, this is a great room to explore new trends and big, bold, colors and prints. Feel free to have some fun with your new dining room and put some pop and some of your personality into the space.

If your dining room table brings to mind rustic farmhouse, you can still add some contemporary touches to give new life and style to this big piece of furniture. Turn to black, white, and gray graphic prints, in both rugs and end-chair cushions for an updated look. You may also want to consider mixing and matching chairs. Choose two armed, cushioned chairs for the ends of the table, and then use more traditional armless chairs along the sides. The side chairs could even be in black or a darker stain. Then add in a pop of color with a large red bowl in the center of the table.

If your dining room is primarily white, consider an accent wall. Options include a bold, bright color, or even an interesting wallpaper print, ranging from oversized flowers to linear graphics. You can find a lot of interesting patterns available in peel-and-stick formats that are easier to apply and typically less expensive than regular wallpaper. Then pull in some of the colors from the wallpaper for additional accessories, such as the rug or chair cushions. Don’t forget to add in some accessories in a complementary color for more interest. For example, a teal accent wall can be paired with peach or coral drapes and a candle centerpiece for a vibrant dining area.

If you want to keep a more classic look, but still want to shake things up a little, keep your classic elegant wood dining table, and consider a simple floral wallpaper that is light in tone. To add a modern touch, look for a mid-century inspired light fixture and pull out some of the colors from the wallpaper for unusual accents, such as the trim on the curtains or the curtains themselves. Using some bolder, contemporary accent colors and artwork, that still fit with the overall color scheme livens up a classic room without going overboard.

Finally, for those who prefer a more casual setup, you don’t have to go for chintz and braided rugs. You can do casual with a modern touch. If you have wood floors in your dining room, consider a table that matches in tone. Then add in a bench on one side for seating, and some chairs on the other side in a bright color, such as yellow. For the chairs on the end, keep things simple and sleek. White walls with white decorative trim serve as a great contrast to navy paint on the top third of the walls. This keeps the room open and bright, yet cozy. The yellow in the chairs, and perhaps in a fun print or large piece of artwork, combined with a large potted plant makes the room feel like a laid-back vacation resort. Finish the room off with a large round pendant lamp that is light and airy.

These are just a few ways to perk up the dining rooms in your homes in Glen Allen VA. Feel free to play with color, prints, and mix and match furnishings to create a space that is fun, comfortable, and somewhere you want to sit with friends and family long after the meal is finished.

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