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Benefits of a Detached Garage

August 15, 2020 3:21 pm

With people spending more time at home these days, their needs and expectations in a home are changing. One family room to meet the needs of everyone’s interests and hobbies isn’t enough. Guest rooms have potentially become home offices, and even additional flex rooms may now be used for homeschooling. As a result, people looking to buy homes in Ashland VA are starting to look for a detached space for a variety of family members to have room to work or enjoy hobbies without disturbing the rest of the family. Fortunately, LifeStyle Home Builders has just the home for you!

Our 2020 Homearama house has the perfect man cave, she shed, or space that the whole family can enjoy, without disturbing others. We’ve created a fantastic space above our detached two-car garage that lets you play games, watch movies, get to the next level of your video games, listen to music, and do whatever you want without having to worry about too much noise. There are a variety of perks to having a detached garage as part of your home.

Nowadays, it sometimes feels like the attached garage is taking over the face of the home, not always with any great style. A detached garage, however, tends to be built in a more attractive manner in tune with the rest of the home’s design. In addition, they can be placed slightly removed and behind your main home, putting the focus on your home, not the garage.

Even when the detached garage is visible, the design options tend toward more attractive features. Some people go for a rooftop veranda approach, with attractive railings. Others create whole upper rooms or living areas that make the whole structure look more like a cottage than a garage. In fact, creating a living area over a detached garage is ideal for multi-generational families, providing a sense of autonomy and privacy with separate living quarters above the garage.

Ultimately, people often use this space for their hobbies. Add some extra soundproofing and drummers, guitarists, and other musicians can play to their heart’s content without disturbing their family or the neighbors. If you have family members that stay up late playing video games, this space lets them play without keeping the rest of the family up all night. Plus, there’s no reason you can’t turn the space into an area for the whole family to enjoy, such as creating your own home cinema.

Our Homearama home located at 9420 John Wickham Way in the Hickory Hill, The Reserve community is the perfect home for anyone looking for comfort, convenience, and space. The detached garage complements the existing built-in garage, and both home and detached garage focus on presenting a stylish curbside design. This is an elegant home design that provides space and flexibility, making it ideal for anyone looking at homes in Ashland VA. With today’s changing lifestyles, this home can easily meet your needs today and for years to come, thanks to the many great features, including the outstanding detached garage.

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