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Hardwood Flooring Trends

January 23, 2021 7:35 pm

If you’re planning on selling your home this year and you need to update the floors to get a better price and draw in more viewers, there are certain hardwood floors that will likely help sell your home and give you a good return on the investment. These flooring trends are in demand and you’ll soon find yourself moving into one of our stylish new homes in Chesterfield VA, which have their own great flooring.

Just like a lot of the interior design trends taking place now, light and natural goes for floors, as much as room decoration. Hardwood floors in natural colors and finishes are particularly hot right now, with pale tones in particular demand, but even walnut is seeing some resurgence. This ties in with the Scandinavian/Japanese natural minimalism that is a design favorite these days. Plus, the light colors are neutral enough to provide plenty of options for decorating.

Hardwood flooring comes in various grades, referring to how even they are in appearance, from uniform wood to pieces that show more grain and knots. Floors that emphasized the natural aspects of the wood have been popular in the past, with knots and all being a desired aspect. However, tying in with the warm minimalism trend, buyers are looking at flooring that is more uniform, filling in knots with wood putty and avoiding heavy graining. Typically they only use one coat of stain or even none at all, going for a clean, simple look.

Finally, to continue the trend of clean lines, people are choosing longer boards with a continuous grain pattern for the eye to follow. Rather than the more common shorter-length boards that create more of a pattern, the longer boards draw the eye through the room more easily and provide fewer visual distractions, emphasizing the clean minimalism. This kind of flooring is also great for pairing with other interior design trends. With people looking for furnishings that are a bit softer, rounder, and sometimes more ornate, these simple floors provide a cleaner base that doesn’t compete with the more decorative furnishings and bolder wall colors.

If you want to redo the floors in your current home to increase its value and appeal with potential buyers, definitely look into these current trends. They’re neutral enough to appeal to a broad range of buyers, giving them plenty of ways to work with the floors without competing with their other decorating styles. If you’re building one of our new homes in Chesterfield VA from scratch, you may also want to consider some of these trends for your own home.

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