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Helpful Holiday Decor Storage Hacks

January 10, 2019 8:20 pm

Decorating for the holidays is so much more fun than packing up after the holidays. You could break out the eggnog and holiday tunes and try to make a festive time of packing up, but most people are happy to just get the work over and done with, as quickly as possible so their homes in Moseley VA start to look normal again. Here are some helpful hacks to make the process easier and keep everything organized for next year.

Organization is key. Don’t cram everything into one box, especially if you have decorations that are used in different rooms throughout the home. Create (and label) boxes for each specific room so that you know where everything goes, while also providing more space so items are less likely to break. Take advantage of leftover gift tags to label multiples of items, as well, such as banister garlands, mantel garlands, doorway garlands, etc.

The holidays in general, and presents in particular, create a lot of garbage. Hopefully you recycle what you can, but you can also reuse plenty of it. Do you have some spare egg boxes that could be used for fragile decorations? What about all of that used wrapping paper? Try shredding it or just crumpling it as padding for storage of fragile items. Wine boxes with their dividers are also useful for storing delicate decorations, and you can use cardboard tubes from paper towels or wrapping paper to wrap your holiday lights around them, cutting a notch in the ends to hold the first light and the plug. Be creative with what you have.

Finally, for any delicate decorations like dough figurines or macaroni stars, be sure to store them in plastic baggies and then put them in an old cookie tin or other airtight container to keep out pests. You may want to take similar precautions with older family heirlooms. Wrap your wreathes up in plastic garbage bags to keep them free of dust and consider hanging them to keep them out of the way and stop them from getting flattened. Whether you’re storing your decorations in a basement or attic, it’s best to put everything into plastic storage bins to protect from moisture, pests, and other elements that could shorten the life of your decorations. Plus, a handful of stackable bins is easier to store and move around, ready for next year’s celebrations.

Gathering your appropriate supplies this year to pack up properly may take a little longer, but from now on, unpacking and packing your holiday decorations in your homes in Moseley VA, or wherever you live, will take less time and be less of a hassle when everything has its own dedicated space and storage container. Now you can start thinking about your spring decorations!

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