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Fall Is the Best Time for Planting

Spring is the time of year when people often start planting various greenery in their yard, but you may be surprised to know that fall is actually the best time to plant. If you’re moving into one of the LifeStyle homes in Quinton VA, and want to do some extra gardening to put your personal mark on your new yard, here are some of the best reasons to get a head start so that spring will bloom beautifully.

One of the main reasons why planting during the fall is the ideal time is simply down to the weather. It’s typically mild and moderate enough that it doesn’t cause as much stress to the plants and it’s a comfortable time for you to be outside working. There isn’t the same rush to get the plants in the ground, because they’re not going to dry out as quickly and won’t be facing extremes between the plant pot and the ground. Ideally, water the plants in their pots a few hours before you plan to plant them and add some water to the hole just before planting. That should provide enough moisture to get them settled.

Fall is also a good time to get a better sense of how you want your garden to look. With fewer plants in full bloom, you can see any empty patches you may want to fill, both low to the ground and higher up. This is actually a great time to plant a young tree that has lost its leaves. Trees and other plants will spend the coming months putting their energy into growing solid roots, rather than wasting it on feeding leaves. This is the time of year when the plants do most of the work, so it’s also a nice low-maintenance period, with only sporadic watering and less worry about heat killing off young plants.

Finally, since this isn’t the typical time for many people to be gardening, you may find some great deals in gardening supplies. Hit up local nurseries and gardening supply stores and see what they have available. As well as seeds and bulbs for planting now, look for items you’ll need come spring, especially if you’re going to need new supplies for your new garden layout. Stock up on lower-priced items and be ready to go when spring arrives.

Whether you choose a simple, modern garden design or something traditional and whimsical, fall is a great time to put your plant stamp on the yards in your new homes in Quinton VA. Feel free to check out the model homes and their yards by LifeStyle Home Builders for inspiration and potentially a new home!


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