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Create a Backyard Getaway

June 12, 2021 2:41 pm

With July 4th taking on new meaning and more people aiming for celebrations once again in the backyards of their new homes in Chesterfield VA, now is the time to start making sure your yard is ready to host family and friends, as well as serve as a peaceful getaway. Here are some tips to get your new home ready for some summer fun.

As you plan your new backyard getaway, think about how you want to use the space. Keep the whole family in mind, because the kids will need enough space to play that doesn’t risk interrupting you and your friends and family enjoying yourselves and suddenly dodging balls or other toys. Try to designate certain zones of your yard for different activities.

Obviously, with one of our new homes, you’re going to have a beautiful covered back patio that can be transformed into a second family room. In fact, that’s how you should approach it. Try to create a space that is comfortable and stylish. Too often, backyard furniture can be uncomfortable and awkward so aim for soft but weather-resistant fabrics on furniture that is truly comfortable and has enough padding and pillows. Don’t forget to supply enough tables. A coffee-table style central table is important, but consider nesting side tables that can be pulled out to give everyone somewhere to put their glass and plate, so they’re not juggling items uncomfortably.

Equally, if you’re going to be using the backyard in the evening, think about the lighting. Soft, warm-toned lights — string lights are particularly on trend — are much more appealing than bright spotlights. However, consider adding some soft, even colorful lights at the base of trees and bushes for some extra atmosphere. Definitely consider LED solar lamps along walkways for safety and style.

For the kids, consider a playset or general play area off to one side where they can be noisy and be kids without being a nuisance to you or your neighbors. Try to keep open areas for games of soccer or whatever they may be into, especially during the day.

If you’re a family that likes to cook, consider expanding your patio into a second kitchen. Create a whole counter area to surround your grill, and consider adding in a sink for convenience and a small refrigerator for both cooking and keeping drinks cool so you don’t have to traipse back and forth into the house.

Finally, think about adding some decorations to really make your backyard getaway feel like more than just a patio. Artwork and even outdoor rugs, along with shades, curtains, and screens of natural greenery add a finishing touch that turns your backyard into an elegant and inviting landscape.

Focus on how you plan to use your backyard and think about what would really make it into a space you want to spend time in throughout the year. Embrace owning one of the new homes in Chesterfield VA and add to your overall living space with an outdoor area that is as appealing as the inside of your new home. Contact us today to learn about the array of outdoor patio areas we offer with our home designs and you’ll soon have visions of outdoor entertainment to keep you entertained year round!

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