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How to Choose Between One- and Two-Story Homes

When it comes to choosing among the homes in Hanover VA, there are a variety of factors to consider to find the right house for your lifestyle. One of the considerations to keep in mind is whether you want a one- or two-story home. Some people have strong preferences, while others are fine with either. We build both to ensure you can always find your ideal home.

Single-story homes may not seem as grand as two-story homes, but the reality is they offer a lot of positive features that make life easier in a variety of ways. One of the big reasons people choose a single-story home is the lack of stairs, which can be dangerous or tiring. Whether you have young children, elder parents staying with you, or have some disability now or may develop one in the future, not having to worry about getting up and down stairs means everyone can safely get around your home now and you can safely get around it as you get older.

There’s also the convenience of having everything on the ground floor so that you don’t have to carry loads of laundry or heavy vacuum cleaners up and down stairs. Of course, some two-story homes are now built with the laundry room upstairs where the bulk of the laundry is stored, and some people simply buy two vacuums to avoid the extra hassle.

When it comes to building from scratch, single-story homes are easier to design and build, but two-story homes often provide more design options. You can have a flex room downstairs and a bonus room or loft area upstairs, providing space for multiple uses. Still, single-story homes often feature one or more flex/bonus areas, depending on the size and design.

Because many two-story homes have all or most of the bedrooms on the upper floor, they provide more privacy than is sometimes available in single-story homes. Of course, it all depends on the design of the home, as many single-story homes are built with the bedrooms on one end, away from the living area of the home, or may have the primary bedroom on one side of the home and the additional bedrooms on the opposite side, providing its own version of privacy.

In case of fire, a single story home is certainly easier to escape, but two-story homes are often more secure than single-story homes against break-ins, especially if you like to keep a window open at night.

As you can see, each home style has plenty of positive reasons to choose it. It ultimately comes down to your personal needs, tastes, and lifestyle. Fortunately, if you’re looking to build one of the homes in Hanover VA, we have a variety of one- and two-story home plans that are sure to meet your personal preferences. Best of all, we have a number of floor plans that offer the best of both, in which the bulk of the living area and bedrooms are on the first-floor, with a partial second floor for guest bedrooms and bonus rooms. No matter which style you choose, you’ll still have a top-quality home built with care from LifeStyle Home Builders. Take our online floor plan quiz and contact us today to learn more about all of our home designs.

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